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US Election Day [Nov. 8th, 2016|07:57 am]
Go vote. (And if you don't think your vote matters, why is there so much squabbling over who gets to do it?) See also, this magnificent statement (warning, Facebook link) on the subject by a professor at West Point.
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Thermostat settings [Jul. 29th, 2016|12:29 pm]
The AC at work[1] has public-access thermostats. As I've been thinking about my own carbon footprint lately, I've been paying attention to what those thermostats are set to. They all seem to be set rather cold -- mostly in the 71-73[2] range, but on a few occasions, I've seen as low as 68. I try to keep the one near me at 75, but occasionally people set it lower.

At home, I also have central AC. When I'm not home, it's shut off. When I am home, it's set to 78. If it's cool enough outside, I shut off the AC, open up some windows, and set a fan to try to get air circulating through them.

Do you have an air conditioner? If so, is it central or room? And either way, where do you have the thermostat[3] set?

[1] Nominally central, but in actuality a bunch of separately controlled units with a 40+ year age span.
[2] All temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit. It's what they're all instrumented in, and what I most easily think in.
[3] I'm assuming your room AC, if that's the case, has a thermostat, instead of a "more cool/less cool" control.
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December link dump [Dec. 7th, 2014|12:52 pm]
More tab closing, more tasty links.

The Complete List of American Whiskey Distilleries & Brands, actively maintained by the blog owner. Trying to find US-made and bottled whiskey? This will tell you who's making their own vs. who's bottling someone else's. Informative.

Much more interesting for the list of old spooky radio shows than their particular selection, The 15 Spookiest Episodes of Old Time Horror Radio couldn't help but include probably the most famous one: War Of The Worlds. But it goes on to list a variety of shows. The only one I recognized was Lights Out, which originally broadcast Chicken Heart, since done as a live radio show by the Post-Meridien Radio Players.

A variety of maps of the cosmos across history in Cosmigraphics: Picturing Space Through Time in 4,000 Years of Mapping the Universe. While this is ultimately a book review for the book, it has pictures of several of the maps, which are fascinating to look at and to try to derive the level of understanding of the cosmos at the time.

One set of 9 Small Beer Cities That Deserve National Attention. I've been to two of them -- Portland, ME and Burlington, VT -- and if the rest are as good as those two, all nine are worth visiting.

A recipe for Fresh Apple Salsa that I've made several times, and rather enjoy. Mostly here for me, so I don't have to keep searching for it and saying "wait, is this the right one?".

A historic look at wallpaper in New England, with a browsable online archive of their whole collection. Historically interesting, and also a neat source of ideas for decorative patterns.
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Thoughts on deities [Nov. 23rd, 2014|04:42 pm]
There is no need for gods of chaos. There are children.
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Another link dump [Oct. 26th, 2014|11:47 pm]
Once again closing tabs, and finding several that I think will be of interest. Enjoy!

The Rocky Horror Muppet Show. A script for a Muppet/RHPS crossover, with Kermit starring as Dr. Frank N. Frogger. kelkyag had never seen this, so I dug it up. Then I figured some of the rest of you might not have seen it either.

The King In Yellow. HP Lovecraft had his own literary influences, and Robert W. Chambers was one of them. A series of stories by the original creator of the King in Yellow as well as several other aspects of the Cthulhuverse.

A master ice cream recipe (custard, cooked) that also includes several recipes and ideas for how to tweak it. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising.

Photographs of keys can now be used to make duplicates, courtesy of a phone app. One more bit of security to keep track of.

I recently discovered I can't digest raw or lightly cooked onions anymore (onions cooked into oblivion appear to be fine, but I'm still experimenting), so I've had to start looking for onion-free recipes. One tasty recipe I found was an onion-free macaroni salad, which I made several times over the summer. Pancetta (though I've been using prosciutto), fresh thyme and lemon, yum! I leave out the sugar.

Man Constructs 3D Printed Concrete Castle. No explanation needed -- it's exactly what it says on the tin. He first had to build a 3D printer that could print in concrete. Per his website, he's looking for backers for bigger projects.

And finally, a timely link: The 2014 Massachusetts Ballot Questions Explained in Plain English. A short explanation of what each ballot question is asking, with a similarly short set of points on why you might want to vote for or against each.
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Apple picking, 18 October [Oct. 17th, 2014|01:08 pm]
Apple picking tomorrow (18 Oct) morning! kelkyag and I -- and anyone else who wants to come with -- will be going apple picking at Shelburne Farm in Stow. We'll be at the orchard at 11.

This isn't my usual place, but I was in Oregon for that Northern Spy season. Shelburne Farm still has Northern Spy, starting Saturday. They also have a number of other varieites (see the website) and fresh cider donuts.
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Mail shirt in the trash?! [Sep. 13th, 2014|09:32 am]
Unexpected find in the condo trash bin: a box containing a mail shirt. It's (likely) steel rings, weighs 30 lbs, all the rings are riveted so far as I can tell, and too small for me to fit into -- my hand will not pass the cuff. It may need some cleaning, and appears to be oiled. The sleeves have what look like were intended to be leather mitten mounts, but there's no leather mitten.

There are also has two separate legs with sturdy built-in leather soles for the feet, that my feet are entirely too large for. The legs are each about 7 lbs.

There was also a pair of linen drawstring shorts in the box, but no gambeson or any other sort of under-protection in evidence.

Anyone small (both relatively short and relatively thin) in the SCA or other medieval fighting recreation group need some fighting armor? I'm pretty sure this will pass. Any similarly-sized larper want realistic prop armor? For those who know her, Mikka fits in the shirt. Without padding, it is knee-length on her, and the sleeves are too long. A good padded gambeson would eat up a fair bit of the length. With the shorts on for some padding, she can't quite get the legs all the way on, but her feet fit the built-in soles.
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Boston and the Law [Aug. 19th, 2014|09:01 am]
I am responsible for the upcoming Boston By Foot Tour of the Month: Boston and the Law. The official tour is at 2 PM on 31 August, starting from the far end of Long Wharf, and runs until 3:30. Come out and hear about some of Boston's legal history!
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In which sauergeek does terrible things to cream [Jul. 16th, 2014|09:21 am]
A couple years ago, in a fit of something, I decided that there needed to be more savory ice cream. The flavor I settled on was Mole Negro.

This recipe goes surprisingly well on cold -- or warm -- chicken.

The RecipeCollapse )

The texture of the ice cream is a little off, and I'm not even sure how to describe it, mostly because I don't mind or notice it. Other people have pointed it out. I suspect it's the onions causing the problem, but it might be any of the other ingredients, with almond flour being my next suspect.
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Link dump [Jul. 6th, 2014|01:13 am]
Haha, my triumphant return to LJ posting! It's only been 4+ years...

Datamancer makes some ridiculously expensive (yet remarkably pretty) computer peripheral modifications, largely in the steampunk genre. Most are keyboards, but they also do monitors and at least one laptop case.

An Early Meal - a Viking Age Cookbook & Culinary Odyssey. Just what it says on the label. I keep looking at this, and wondering if I should get it. Then again, I keep looking at ancient Roman recipes and wondering if I should get a cookbook of those too. (What puts me off the Roman cookbook is that what I'd want to make is garum, which I suspect would get me hated for blocks around.)

15 Lessons from 20 Years of the French Laundry. Former and current employees of one of the fanciest restaurants in the US look back at what they learned. A fair bit of it is even applicable to home cooks.

The Facebook likes you should dislike. A link I want to keep around, for waving at people clicking "Like" indiscriminately. The consequences of having a big central social web site is parasites; this deals with how one of the variants operates.
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